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Great job! but.....

BaguettE 1 year ago updated by NinjaConnor 11 months ago 2

This has ALOT of potential. As a fan of these simple, but outstanding, aesthetic browser/flash games. Please make a turret that is rotatable on (Some) tanks. Also, I can only drive the tank with great difficulty. Please give your players a better control of their tank. As the controls are way to un-responsive, and choppy. Thanks


should make the home base so that turret can not be captured, to prevent spawn killing

fuckyou 1 year ago 0

would be nice to make the home turrets un capture, so people would stop spawn camping so much.


The Lagging, Non-Playing Glitch

NinjaConnor 11 months ago updated by Raptor 10 months ago 2

After the date 4/6/2019 I couldn't join DatTank. Whenever i spawned into a new game (after refreshing) i just saw the green, grassy ground and some trees. I couldn't use the chat and my gamer tag wasn't shown below the leader board. 


How about gifting? I would love to help out my friends who don't play the game as much.

Falcon 11 months ago updated by ... 10 months ago 3

I would love to give coins or maybe tank parts I don't use anymore to friends. But make it so that it can be done with just a username, no social media acc required or anything like that.


List of bugs (i know of)

I'm just a Shadow 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

This game is verry good since its an easy game (to learn how to play (controls and such)) and you can spend much time playing it it also has a lot of bugs...

Here are a few:

-ghost items (ammunithion and health boxes and coins you can see but not collect)

-weired driving (wen driving you sometimes drive in other directions than you would norammy (driving sideways and awkward sliding and so on) and if you maneuver sometimes "A" (left) and "D"  (right) are switched for a few seconds

-flying (weh you drive agaist someone else with gigh speed they either fly in the sky for a while or you are getting pushed undergroung)

-limited game (after reaching ingame level 22 (4400 score i think) it takes 2600 score to get to the next level (23 (7000 score) and after you reached it you cannot shoot annymore and cannot get shot and collect items (so the game is basicly ended and you wont even get a next level (23) so your score is frozen at 7000 and will not get updated at the leaderboard)

-score per level (at the leaderboard the score is saved per level (only after reaching a level will you score wich will be shown on the all time leaderoabard (Home -> Leaders -> Top players and so on) so it will show only the score you need to reach the level you were on when you died (or left) with

-level limit (fixed (in the garage there is a level limit when you reach level 52 so you cant getany more level points (points you get when you level up (used for unlocking tanks and upgrading patrts) (the develloper fixed this allready i think) (also when reaching a score of 7000 and leaving you wont get ANY exp for your level)

hope those will be fixed at some point -Magic Trick

P.S after reaching 7000 score it seems the game shuts dow (you wont be able to move and only see some awkward landscape...)


Good game but need bugfixes

Noachi 1 year ago updated by NinjaConnor 11 months ago 1

There are some bug i have encountered while playing this Game!

Fist of all some Items become desynced so that the player only sees a ghost image that he can't collect and that won't go away. After playing for a longer time quite some Items will pile up that nobody can collect.

Second there is a problem with tanks going against walls while still going forwards, which can result in glitching trough the object (or even out of Map) and also the game not knowing where the tank is so that one is unable to shoot it. I have encountered tanks that kept going in a circle and that one could not hit.

Finally a small tweak i would want, is that in the menu is written, that the tank moves at 50 km/h and that the gun shoots 150 km, which would mean that the gun shoots like triple the distance that the thank can move in 1 h. It would be better if the distance the gun can shoot is expressed in Meters and not Kilometers!

Anyway i have had a lot of fun sofar with this game and i think it has some potential if not left rotting in a corner for 3 months before an Update

-- Noachi


Home Base Attack Effects.

NinjaConnor 11 months ago 0

Should make it so that if you attack the home base that you an either capture it or it should have lots f health and if you attack it and defeat it the players on that team should get injured or hurt.


Please make player's tank turret rotatable.

Carter555 12 months ago 0

You Developers had said in "How To Play DatTank"...
Rotate top and aim: Mouse move

That didn't work at all! I suggest to fix that bug for the first priority!


Add a long in system with Google

Steven Copeland 1 year ago 0

Add login system with google